50 Organic Sea Moss Health Benefits to Try

Sea moss’ nutritional benefits have been all the rage lately. Ever since Kim Kardashian posted her sea moss smoothie on social media, many health-conscious followers of the mega celebrity have had sea moss on their list of superfoods.

Now we’re rounding up the proof of sea moss’ magic. Here are 50 sea moss health benefits that are worth celebrating and trying for yourself. Have you experienced these benefits lately?

  1. Mucus remover – Sea moss is a brilliant expectorant and
  2. demulcent, making it a great aid for coughs, sore throats, expelling excess mucus, and relieving congestion.
  3. Contains 92 out of 110 minerals the body needs – Find another superfood like this – we’ll wait!
  4. Anti-inflammatory
  5. Anti-bacterial
  6. Anti-infection
  7. Anti-aging
  8. Thyroid helper – Sea moss contains a good deal of iodine, a mineral found in a limited amount in foods. Iodine helps produce thyroid hormones.
  9. Weight loss agent – Related to the benefit above, thyroid hormones control the body’s metabolism, which helps determine the success of your weight management plans.
  10. Nutrient-dense food – Did you know that in the 1800s, sea moss was helpful in the survival and nutrition of people during the
  11. Irish Potato Famine?
  12. Body alkalizer
  13. Acne fighter
  14. Enemy of wrinkles
  15. Potential remedy against eczema or dermatitis
  16. Natural relief against burns and rashes
  17. Anti-diabetes
  18. Potential cancer fighter – Sea moss boasts of antioxidants and phytochemicals that help get the job done
    Protector against cholesterol buildup
  19. Natural hangover cure – For a night of overindulgence and excess alcohol consumption
  20. Joint and muscle health – If you experience joint and or muscle pain, sea moss may provide relief and lubricate the joints.
  21. Aphrodisiac – In the Caribbean, sea moss is part of a traditional drink enjoyed as a potion, along with milk. Seaweed in general is enjoyed as an aphrodisiac across cultures around the world.
  22. Dysentery treatment
  23. Halitosis remedy
  24. Varicose vein relief
    Therapy against radiation therapy – There was, in fact, a surge in sea moss demand in the fallout from the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan back in 2011.
  25. Bone builder
  26. Heart helper
  27. Hair beautifier – Sea moss can be added in your favorite shampoo!
  28. Nail health
  29. Natural agent against duodenal ulcers
  30. Prebiotic for good digestion
  31. Cold and flu relief through the ages
  32. Expectorant – May help prevent a common cold from turning into pneumonia and can treat other respiratory issues such as bronchitis
  33. Thickening agent – Sea moss is a vegan alternative to gelatin and can thicken and add texture to sponge cakes, puddings, and other other luscious desserts
  34. Morning smoothie – For a supply of energy throughout the day!
  35. Post-workout recovery tonic
  36. Improved blood circulation – This in turn helps improve your stamina
  37. Alkaline – Known to have alkaline properties, as an acidic body sets the stage for more diseases.
  38. Appetite regulator
  39. Accelerated muscle recovery
  40. Iron and magnesium enricher
  41. Optimum source of vitamins B1, B2, B12, A, C, D, E, F, and K
  42. Calcium source
  43. Potassium source
  44. Zinc provider
  45. Chromium and sulphur source
  46. Amino acids for well-rounded health
  47. Detoxification – Helps eliminate toxins from the body, especially when you consume more whole plant-based foods that have an alkalizing effect.
  48. Your vagina’s BFF – It may help cleanse the vagina and replenish its natural flora.
  49. Fertility helper – One factor at play is iodine. Since Irish sea moss is high in iodine, it may address issues with fertility that can occur with thyroid conditions.
  50. For reversal and prevention of illness

These are just some of the time-tested benefits of Irish sea moss, as multiple cultures around the world can attest to. These sea moss nutritional benefits and gains for optimal health, however, are available not just when you boil sea moss and turn it into a gel or drink. Sea moss capsules are sold by reputable, high-quality manufacturers, and often it’s in a formula along with bladderwrack and burdock root extract.