Can You Take Sea Moss Every Day and at What Amount?

Sea moss health benefits are so abundant that people often don’t stop and wonder: how much sea moss can I take and should I take it every day? 

Before we delve deeper into the answer, let’s have a quick review of sea moss and its exciting, life-changing benefits for your health and wellness. 

Sea moss goes by different, rather colorful names: Irish moss, Irish seaweed, its scientific name Chondrus crispus, and purple moss, to name a few. It’s a type of algae found on the rocky coasts along the North Atlantic, primarily along the coasts of Ireland and Iceland in Europe as well as in Jamaica and the Caribbean. 

Sea moss is so nutrient-dense that it has qualified as a superfood in today’s health-conscious world. This source of nourishment for marine creatures also provides outstanding benefits to humans, mostly as a food source, healing topical agent, and overall disease fighter. In fact, the superfood contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the human body requires for optimal functioning – from iodine to calcium to zinc to the other minerals that help you stay strong, smart, and ready to take on your everyday routine. 

Now here are some pointers and reminders on recommended frequency and consumption of sea moss. 

How to Use Sea Moss – And How Much of It

Sea moss is often used in gel or powder form. Many decide to create sea moss gel on their own for the ease and convenience of it, particularly if they have access to high-quality raw sea moss. People can also purchase sea moss powder from many supplement or health stores, or made at home by grinding up the dried whole seaweed into a fine powder. 

To add it in a smoothie, you simply put the soaked sea moss into the drink, about 1 to 2 tablespoons of it. Alternatively, you may add sea moss gel – about 2 tbsp – and you’re good to go. 

The question now: may I take sea moss daily? The answer is yes. How much is ideal? The recommended amount to take every day is 1 to 2 tbsp, and you may take up to ¼ cup. 

Precautions to Remember

Sea moss is generally regarded as safe and healthy for human consumption. However, there’s such a thing as taking too much of it. Sea moss is rich in iodine, a substance that helps promote thyroid health. Too much iodine can lead to thyroid dysfunction or harm, according to some studies. 

As a quick guide, here’s the recommended daily intake of iodine corresponding to specific life stages:

Life Stage Recommended Amount
From birth to 6 months of age 110 mcg
Babies 7–12 months 130 mcg
Kids 1–8 years 90 mcg
Kids 9–13 years 120 mcg
Teenagers 14–18 years 150 mcg
Adults 150 mcg
Pregnant 220 mcg
Breastfeeding 290 mcg

It is best to be aware of this possibility and watch your intake of iodine sources if you are already taking sea moss regularly. As a precaution, monitor as well the amount of sea moss you consume and it’s best to stray from eating large amounts at a time. Again, people with a risk of hyperthyroidism or too much thyroid in the system should consult with a doctor before taking any form of sea moss. 

How About Sea Moss Supplementation?

If you’re wondering, eating sea moss gel on its own isn’t highly recommended (or you may find this out for yourself). This is because the food has a slight seaweed taste, and a smoothie or dish can very well mask the distinct taste. 

Organic sea moss capsules are aplenty in the market to also fill the need for easy-to-access sea moss. Admittedly, not everyone has direct access to the ocean and its wondrous gifts like sea moss. There’s also the less-than-desirable farmed sea moss variety that’s being sold in many places, and it likely won’t have the same quality or benefits from sea moss sourced from their natural habitat. 

A sea moss supplement backed by a reputable company with good manufacturing practices and certifications can make a difference as a regular supply of the superfood. You might wonder but the label will likely state the sea moss is paired with bladderwrack and burdock root, which work synergistically with it for the iodine and antioxidant properties, to cite a few. 

A sea moss capsule you trust means no more spending hours washing, soaking, and blending sea moss gel. This way, the superfood fits your modern lifestyle and schedule, taken whenever and wherever.