Does Sea Moss Spoil? Consumption Period and Expiry Discussed

Does sea moss spoil or expire? The obvious answer is yes. But this article will delve deeper into when sea moss in your chosen form will likely expire, and how you can make the most out of it. Let’s get started.

General Take: Sea Moss Spoils, Just Like Other Fresh Harvests
First, let’s talk about dried sea moss. This type of sea moss product expires normally after about a year, granted you haven’t opened the package yet.

Usually a good and conscientious manufacturer will guarantee that they follow strict health and food handling protocols, starting from harvesting to actual sea moss preparation. This typically involves wearing hairnets and gloves at the production facility. They also promise they’re working in food-grade sterile environments, and they’re packing your sea moss in new bags for better quality.

One factor to consider with sea moss’s shelf life is how you handle it once opened. If you only touch what you need and don’t handle the rest too much, you help make your sea moss fresher for a longer time. The more sea moss is handled and put back into the bag, the shorter its life is going to be.

Next, let’s talk about sea moss gel, the most common form of the superfood available in the market.

Sea moss gel also spoils after a period of time. When you create a batch of sea moss gel using dried sea moss, you will likely get two to three weeks out of it when it comes to shelf life. This period extends to four weeks with refrigeration.

Why Sea Moss Gel Expires
It’s understandable: sea moss gel is a natural product made from seaweed, an organic matter, so it’s going to deteriorate over some time.

The freshness of your sea moss gel depends on various factors, some of which you can control. Some examples include:

  • Is your sea moss refrigerated?
  • Is it stored in a clean, sealed container?
  • Is it taken out of the container using clean utensils?
  • Has it been exposed to cross-contamination during storage?
  • Has it been exposed to dipping fingers?
  • Is there any reason it will go bad sooner than it should?

How to Know If Your Sea Moss Has Gone Bad

Now, here are some ways to know if you’re dealing with an already bad batch of sea moss gel, particularly if you’re new to sea moss and its amazing health benefits. Generally, sea moss gel can be added to teas, smoothies, coffee, plain water, soups and stews, and desserts – and it’s effortless to use since it has no taste and smell.

So there are telltale signs when sea moss spoils. These are mostly anecdotal in nature but make absolute sense:

  • Changing color – You’ll likely deal with a noticeably darker color of sea moss. This is a far cry from the light color of fresh sea moss.
  • Sour smell – This is also a little fishier than expected. While sea moss is a marine plant, it shouldn’t be unnervingly fishy in smell while it’s fresh. Spoiled sea moss likely has an odd, pungent aroma.
  • Presence of mold – Don’t be surprised if you find actual dark green mold circles! You would also probably find light grayish, slimy coating on the top layer.

It makes absolute sense to throw the sea moss gel away once you’ve seen these signs of spoilage. But what can you actually do in the unfortunate event that you consume expired sea moss?

Final Notes: I Ate Bad Sea Moss, My Batches Never Get Fully Used Up, and I Hate Waste!
At this point we have established fairly well that sea moss can go bad. If you happen to consume expired sea moss, expect some digestive discomfort and similar reactions. Note, though, that the effects are largely individual, so for your peace of mind you may connect with your doctor for the best remedy.

If you’re someone who buys sea moss for the health perks and because it’s so rich in vitamins and minerals, protein, and iodine, then it’s safe to assume you use it regularly. You may be adding it to your everyday smoothies and foods, which helps enhance your health, strengthens your immunity, and manages your mucus and inflammation in the body over time.

If consuming your sea moss 100% before expiration is a problem, then think of the many flexible ways you can use sea moss. Why not use it for skincare? Set aside an amount of the gel for your face mask every couple of days. It can help tighten or smoothen skin as well as help reduce lines and wrinkles in the long term.

If you’re really having a tough time consuming sea moss gel to the last drop, supplementation with organic sea moss capsules may be your best bet. Supplements might suit your lifestyle better – something you can take while you’re on the go.

Remember to use sea moss capsules from a reputable manufacturer, and watch your other sources of iodine in the diet since too much iodine in the body can be a concern.

Keen to learn more about the power of sea moss for health and wellbeing? Keep reading the blog for up-to-date news, information and expert advice.