From TikTok Influencers to Jamaican Celebs: Sea Moss Has Growing Global Following

Sea moss, its gel form specifically, is totally in the spotlight. It’s part of TikTok wellness trends today, where influencers banner its potential to clear up skin, detoxify the body, and help you breathe better. Celebrities, influencers, and public figures – since the time Kim Kardashian proclaimed the algae part of her breakfast smoothie – preach a lot about sea moss benefits for health and wellness. 

Let’s have a look at the different sea moss trends out there:

  1. Chlorophyll Water – In TikTokverse you’ve got this trend where you add a few drops of chlorophyll to water and drink it. The purported benefits: increased energy, brighter skin, and even cancer prevention.
    The word “chlorophyll” comes across as rather vague, but it’s the pigment that gives plants their green color and is naturally found in veggies like spinach as well as algae, whatgreass, and potatoes. TikTok’s chlorophyll, however, isn’t the actual one you may have in mind. It’s a semi-synthetic version called chlorophyllin.
  2. Phlegm Buster – Naomi Maldonado told her audience of 44,000 of the health perks from taking sea moss, claiming that one might start coughing up phlegm as a sign the sea moss is at work. According to her, it’s “clearing out all that stuff that doesn’t belong in your lungs,” prompting better, easier breathing from there. 
  3. Juice Business – In Jamaica, up-and-coming reggae and dancehall artist Jay Bankz, who studied chemical engineering at the university, recently discovered the benefits of drinking sea moss. It’s good for physical and mental well-being and can be an effective meal replacement, he says in an interview with The Weekend Star. With some savings and the help of his naturopathic doctor wife, he founded Irie Natural LLC, a line of nutritional juices combined with sea moss. 

The Sea Moss Difference

Interestingly, sea moss has been around for hundreds of years now, way before the idea of TikTok or the internet was conceived. 

The International Food Additives Council notes that humans have been harvesting this algae, also known as Irish moss, for around 14,000 years. Generations in Ireland, Scotland, Jamaica, and those living around the rocky beaches of the Atlantic Ocean have grown up with sea moss as food as well as folk medicine. 

The main draw when it comes to sea moss is its extraordinary ability to supply a majority of the minerals that the human body needs. It is also a rich source of many nutrients that you often miss out on with the average diet, including omega-3 fats, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, iodine, and so much more. These qualities make sea moss a so-called “functional food,” offering benefits beyond the typical roster of vitamins and minerals. 

TikTok Crazy or Not, Here’s How to Consume Sea Moss

Sea moss is usually eaten as a gel. You can do this by boiling high-quality raw or dried sea moss. Some serve it as a drink mixed with milk as well as sweetened with honey or your good ol’ sugar. You may also incorporate sea moss into your everyday smoothies, just like how Kim K herself proclaimed is the way she uses the superfood. 

Sea moss gel is also popular as a skin care solution for the algae’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. You may use it as a lotion, face mask, or an aid against acne, eczema-ridden, or inflamed skin. 

As not everyone has access to high-quality raw sea moss to be turned into a gel, supplementation with high-quality, organic sea moss capsules might be great to explore if you want to reap the health benefits from it. 

Keep posted for more sea moss news and features – what’s hot and trending, how to use the algae, and smart guidelines for its therapeutic benefits.