How Sea Moss Can Help You Sexually

Is it time to forget Viagra or those silly big boy toys and start leaving the fate of your sex life in the hands of sea moss?

Science and ancient medicine alike might think so. Also known as Chondrus crispus, sea moss is a type of algae that’s reddish in color and is found abundantly along the rocky coasts of the Atlantic and Caribbean waters.

There are plenty of variations of sea moss out there, but this one has stood out for centuries. In Jamaica, it’s known as Jamaican or Caribbean sea moss. It also goes by the name purple moss or Irish moss, where the algae helped tide over the sufferers of the Potato Famine as it served as a viable food source at a time of want.

Now, where did the idea that sea moss is a gift for natural sexual enhancement come from?

The Sea Moss Factor in a Thriving Sex Life
Sea moss is a wonderful source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are necessary for optimal health. In fact, it boasts of 94 of the 100 minerals that the human body needs! From vitamins A to K to the antioxidants that can bring your wellness to the next level, sea moss is never found wanting.

Dr. Sebi himself, the renowned proponent of the health benefits of sea moss, cited with enthusiasm the sex-related benefits of sea moss. According to him, consuming sea moss every morning has led his joints to become protected, his energy levels increased, and his libido or sex drive stronger than ever. Mind you, Dr. Sebi was already well into his senior years during this time.

The “Viagra of the Sea,” as it’s known in the Caribbean, has been added to the local cultures’ everyday diet for this benefit alone.

Sea Moss Sex Moss Benefits to Consider
Here are just some reasons why sea moss has made a strong reputation in natural sexual enhancement:

  1. Sea moss has high zinc content. Zinc is known to be a leading testosterone enhancer, where the primary sex hormone is known to help create stronger and in fact more “swimmers.” Supplementing with zinc has been found in science to radically increase semen volume, sperm motility, as well as the percentage of normal sperm morphology. Just 100 grams of the algae offers over 10% of the recommended daily intake of zinc. Good zinc levels can translate to healthy sperm, a strong prostate, and semen volume production that’s more than impressive.
  2. Sea moss can enhance blood circulation. Erection issues are often caused by atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries. The tiny blood vessels supplying the penis, once damaged, can no longer dilate and deliver the strong blood flow necessary for a firm, sustained erection. The good news, however, is that sea moss has been shown in research to improve circulation through opening the pathways that blood uses for oxygen and nutrient delivery across the body, and by treating the root cause of poor circulation.
  3. Sea moss increases stamina. Sea moss is rich in iron, around 70% of which is found in the red blood cells (hemoglobin) and in muscle cells called myoglobin. Studies show that iron supplementation can be linked to significant improvements in stamina as well as muscle endurance. This then makes sea moss a powerful way to have enviable staying power in bed.
  4. Sea moss breaks up mucus. Mucus is considered by Dr. Sebi a culprit behind disease; sea moss helps loosen and break up mucus in your airways and addresses long-term lung issues such as asthma and bronchitis. This is an indirect benefit for sexual wellness as it removes common disruptors of good, long lovemaking sessions.
  5. Sea moss helps enhance overall wellbeing. The algae takes care of good digestive health, immunity, weight management, brain wellness, and other areas for optimum functioning.

How to Use and Obtain High-Quality Sea Moss
It’s fairly easy to create a libido-enhancing drink based on sea moss. All you need are the following:

  • 1 cup of sea moss gel
  • 2 cups of water
  • ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ can of condensed milk
  • A pinch of nutmeg

Simply combine all these ingredients in a blender and mix at low speed until the sea moss gets finely chopped. You may serve the drink as it is or with ice cubes.

Admittedly, not everyone has ready access to sea moss gel. Purity and quality aren’t always guaranteed in products like these, too.

In this case, supplementation can be a viable option. Safe, effective sea moss capsules that come from reputable manufacturers can be conveniently taken on a regular basis and without the need to create drink concoctions. They’re worth a try if your sex life needs an added boost today.