How to Live Smart and Healthy, Straight From Fitness Influencers

Fitness stars on Instagram who are 50 years old and above have plenty to advise when it comes to true health and well-being. They spoke with AARP, an influential US-based interest group focusing on issues affecting individuals over age 50, on what they can share as tips for healthy living. Here are some of their recommendations – we honestly think these tips work for you no matter what stage of life you’re in! 

Take Baby Steps

68-year-old influencer Ellen Ector, who also owns Gymnetics Fitness in Atlanta, believes you shouldn’t be afraid to take baby steps. “You put the weight on; you’re not going to lose it in a month or in the two weeks before your birthday,” she says. 

Weight loss should be incorporated into your lifestyle, such as working out regularly first thing in the morning if you have the time for it. She teaches two kettlebell classes every week and others like Zumba with weights and yoga. If you’re wondering about it, gym membership isn’t required to lose weight; you may simply wish to walk or run regularly. 

Stay Inspired

Rely on something for your motivation in exercising or working out, says Carla Kemp, 58 and a personal assistant slash real estate investor. The LA-based influencer who goes by the name @fabnfitbycarla turns to music for her workout motivation, particularly Motown, old-school music. She walks with music in her ears pretty much always, and if she forgets it she gets into a sort of panic state: “What am I going to do?”

She also suggests mixing things up to avoid getting burned out. Hire a trainer, start a new activity such as swimming or playing tennis, or trying out a new adventure to inspire your mind and body to keep going. 

Plan Your Meals

Be deliberate about what you’re going to eat the entire day. Miami-based Jean Titus, a 53-year-old trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur, is a fitness buff who practices this advice regularly as he inspires and helps others to become fit. His mission started in 2001, following the death of his mother from cancer. 

Here’s a quick look at what Jean eats throughout the day:

  • Breakfast – His first meal is a fruit smoothie taken around noon along with a plant-based protein, sea moss, and chia seeds He considers it a highly nutrient-dense smoothie that’s easy for the body to break down. He considers fruits his energy source and very helpful with immunity and detoxification. 
  • Lunch – Next, his lunch comes two to three hours after his “breakfast.” Usually he eats a chicken salad or sandwich, or maybe fish and rice. He air-fries, bakes, or roasts the protein source and eats the skin, where plenty of the nutrients and healthy fats reside. 
  • Dinner – Jean sticks to protein and vegetables for his evening meal. Typically this would mean having seafood such as salmon, grouper, or sea bass for the omega-3 fats, along with asparagus, spinach, brussels sprouts, or another veggie. 

Consistency Is Key

Jean, who goes by @titusunlimited on Instagram, recommends starting off small and remaining consistent, versus doing more than what you can deliver and then getting disappointed once you are unable to sustain the act. Starting small may mean different things to different people, from adding a fruit every day to your diet to adding a mile to your routine every week or month. 

Hailed as a superfood, sea moss is often incorporated into a diet friendly to weight loss efforts or sustainable wellness. This is because red seaweeds like sea moss offer an array of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and other healthful surprises while being naturally low in calories, fat, and sugar. Sea moss also contains a small amount of plant protein. 

Today, sea moss is commercially used and produced as a food thickener, particularly in soups and stews, dressings, and desserts, to name a few. It is also sold in raw form, as a gel or powder, or as a gummy supplement. 

As a supplement, sea moss is often paired with other herbs and spices such as bladderwrack, burdock root, and turmeric, combining its potent properties with the power of the other extracts for immunity, thyroid health, better digestion, and other wellness effects.