Sea Moss and Fertility: Facts and Myths to Know

Of the many wondrous benefits of sea moss, a red seaweed or algae that has earned a popular spot in the health world, fertility emerges as a controversial one. There are a number of facts and myths that surround this benefit, and we’re here to help sort through the confusion.

First, What Is Sea Moss?
Sea moss might be best described to be uninitiated as the cousin of the delicious nori. Scientifically known as Chondrus crispus and also going by the name Irish moss, sea moss is found on the rocky coasts of the Northern Atlantic, where it’s primarily harvested and has been used in cultures surrounding the area for hundreds of years now.

In the Caribbean, sea moss is believed to be an aphrodisiac, thus garnering great popularity in men. In most other areas worldwide, however, sea moss is known as a thickening agent added in many soups and stews, dressings, drinks, and puddings and desserts.

Sea Moss and Fertility Claims
Now it’s time to go through various claims made around sea moss when it comes to solving both male and female infertility:

  1. FACT: Sea moss is used in the Caribbean as a natural sex enhancer for men. According to them, it can enhance testosterone levels as well as sperm count, boosting fertility levels.
  2. FICTION: It’s been years of trying so just keep going! It’s important to consult your doctor if you have been trying to get pregnant for more than one year and have not seen results. Make that six months if you’re more than 35 years old.
  3. FACT: It’s used in the same cultures for women’s fertility. Nutrients such as iodine, B vitamins, calcium, as well as zinc make sea moss useful for accelerating the process of pregnancy if a woman is having trouble conceiving.
  4. FICTION: Infertility is a simple issue. As much as we love sea moss and its unique superfood offerings, infertility is typically a complex issue affected by factors such as diet, lifestyle, and existing medical conditions. The struggle with fertility might not be just about addressing nutritional deficiencies, but also other undetected problems.
  5. FACT: Prenatal health benefits from folate, B vitamins, and iodine – all of which come abundantly in sea moss. For instance, 182mcg of folate comes with a 100g serving of sea moss, which is already almost half of the 400mcg daily recommendation for the nutrient. Zinc also appears in animal research to positively affect egg quality, while iodine may prevent infertility that comes from hypothyroidism, a root cause of which is impaired iodine level.
  6. FICTION: Take all the sea moss you want and you’ll be all right. Wrong. There’s such a thing as having too much iodine, so watch your other sources of iodine if you are already taking sea moss regularly. It’s good to err on the side of caution when it comes to supplementing and doing things for your health, so as not to create new issues.

Should You Use Sea Moss Capsules?
No matter how extensive the benefits of sea moss are, the reality is that not everyone has access to pure, high-quality raw sea moss. Not everyone has the raw materials, time, and know-how to create sea moss gel, use it within a relatively short shelf life, and sustain it for everyday use amid their busy schedules.

This is where the use of a trusted sea moss supplement comes in handy. In these capsule supplements, sea moss often comes bundled with bladderwrack and burdock root. The former contains high levels of iodine and has antioxidants for promoting skin and other areas of health, while the latter has been shown to contain multiple kinds of powerful antioxidants such as quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids.

Sea moss capsules potentially boosts the immune system, resulting in lower infections and faster recovery time. They also supply critical antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that boost collagen production for healthy skin and hair; iodine that balances thyroid function; and soaks up heavy metals and radiation from the body to help remove toxins.

Not all sea moss pills are created equal, so make sure to get a 100% pure and natural one that uses organically grown seaweed and manufactured at an FDA registered manufacturing facility with GMP certification.