Sea Moss Lemonade? Count Us In!

A concoction called SMADE by its inventor is just one recent example of new cool ideas and innovations around sea moss, dubbed the “superfood of the sea” and a microalgae holding so much nutritional promise and many potential health benefits. 

Sea moss lemonade in various flavors

Ezon James, according to a report by, discovered sea moss while having a vacation in Jamaica. He recalls finding it to be a staple drink about locals there, who also touted the health benefits every chance they got.

After researching and trying sea moss for himself, his company was born and launched an “aquatic” spin on good ol’ lemonade. It comes with different flavors and customers can also purchase sea moss gel, if they want to ingest it or slather it on skin for some natural cosmetic wonders. 

Now it’s a drink filled with the goodness of sea moss, which has been suggested to boost the immune system, protect from infections and gut issues, and provide a stellar lineup of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for whole body health. 

From breakfast smoothies to food thickening agent

New health concoctions like this aren’t anything new. Kim Kardashian herself swears by sea moss and publicly proclaims her love for the seaweed by posting photos of her sea moss smoothie on social media. 

People outside of health food circles start to become part of the conversation, taking sea moss straight and feeling an energy boost, or using it on their skin, hair, nails, and reaping the perks long term. 

Sea moss is a natural thickening agent, which makes its gel form handy in soups and stews, dressings, desserts, and other dishes. It doesn’t taste much; in gel form, it can also last up to three to four weeks inside the refrigerator for a flexible range of uses. 

Not convinced yet? Here’s a sea moss smoothie recipe to get you started on your seaweed journey today, thanks to 

Quick, easy sea moss smoothie recipe

According to the site, some reasons to try this recipe include it being vegan and dairy-free, totally customizable, and wonderful for immunity boost, detox, and weight loss. 

For this sea moss smoothie, you will need sea moss gel, fruits like bananas and apples (sliced or made ready for blending), ginger, and water or ice. Here are the steps:

  1. Add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender. 
  2. Blend until smooth or already reached desired consistency. 
  3. Serve in your favorite breakfast smoothie glass. As an alternative, you may add more ginger for a nice kick, use frozen fruits for a more refreshing twist, and choose from DIY or store-bought sea moss gel. 

If you’re too busy to make your own smoothie every day (or haven’t caught up with pure, high-quality raw sea moss sources yet), then it’s not a crime to choose convenience and explore high-quality, organic sea moss capsules for supplementation. 

Health can be just around the corner with nature’s lush gifts, including sea moss. As they say, let’s drink to that!