‘Superfood of the Sea’: Sea Moss Trivia and Claims in Business and Health Food Arena

Malinda Butler is a firm believer of sea moss calling it “an overall superfood that your body must have.” Before it became the integral component of her new business, sea moss was just another part of her own health journey. The more she learned about sea moss benefits, the more she enjoyed and shared it with others. 

Ms. Butler started making sea moss for her friends, particularly as COVID-19 hit central Indiana and she was interested in helping everyone boost their immune system. Today she is at the helm of The Sea Moss Boss, opening the shop in the spring of 2021 in downtown Indianapolis along with her son, Jaylon. 

“When you have sea moss onboard you have a little army inside your body fighting to make everything better,” she told Wish-TV in an interview. And Ms. Butler isn’t alone in drumming up the benefits of the so-called “superfood of the sea” not just for immunity but for areas such as skin care and wellness, weight management, and gut health, to name a few. 

Trivia and Claims Around Sea Moss

A few years ago, the 21st-century diet began to see seaweed and certain types of algae as mainstays, with sea moss suddenly added to the list of plant-based superfoods, according to GreenMatters.com. 

People began going gaga over sea moss and the media was quick to pick up on the readily available marine wonder, growing year-round in inlets and tide pools right along the rocky Atlantic coasts lining European and American shorelines. 

Here are more pieces of information coming out recently about sea moss on the media, essentially outside of typical health food circles and into the homes of the curious bigger public: 

  • Sea moss is colorful and highly flexible in the kitchen. Sea moss is known by other names like Irish moss, red seaweed, and intertidal seaweed. At the same time, it comes in a range of colors, from red and yellow to brown and black to green and purple! One of its key uses in the kitchen is as a thickener in stews, soups, desserts, and other dishes in the kitchen – already for hundreds of years now, mind you.
  • What’s in a serving of sea moss? A 4-tbsp serving offers plenty of essential nutrients and vitamins, and some carbs and protein. For every serving, you are likely to get just 10 calories, 0.5 g of protein, and 3 g of carbs, alongside a slew of minerals like iodine, an important one for maintaining thyroid function. 
  • Sea moss might help against Parkinson’s. WebMD notes that sea moss might be beneficial in slowing the progression of the degenerative disease, which is marked by tremors, stiffness, and slow movement, to name a few. Recent studies show that sea moss regulates the release of α-synuclein, which is a synaptic protein regulating the release of neurotransmitters.
  • Sea moss may also help reduce your blood sugar. According to studies done on pigs, seaweeds such as sea moss contain alginate and fucoxanthin, which may hold promise in pushing down blood sugar levels. The two compounds are explored in human subjects. 
  • There’s such a thing as having too much sea moss. In rare instances, sea moss can lead to health problems. Its high iodine content poses a danger to people suffering from thyroid conditions, or too much of the thyroid hormones. Some people may also experience itchiness or a stinging sensation when applying sea moss topically, so it’s best to stop using it when these effects manifest and consult your doctor. 
  • You can consume and use sea moss in 101 ways. You may eat the algae raw or turn it into a gel added to smoothies and other beverages. It’s also popular in convenient powder or pill supplement form, provided by reputable online retailers and manufacturers processing it in the United States. The good news is sea moss doesn’t taste much, so it can be a nutritious addition to various dishes. Sea moss is also incorporated in more and more commercial skin care products, although you may prepare DIY recipes of face masks, lotions, and anti-inflammatory creams and moisturizers. 

The prodigious health benefits make it truly difficult to ignore sea moss today. However, it’s only with the right knowledge and due diligence that you can maximize its wonderful effects on your body and wellbeing.