The Weighty Question: Can You Lose the Extra Pounds with Sea Moss?

Sea moss is today’s “IT girl” of superfoods, and that’s no surprise given the abundance of nutrients it offers. A particular area of interest for researchers and curious sea moss users is its ability to help promote healthy weight loss and management. 

Does this mean sea moss can help you lose weight and achieve your targets in this area of health? Let’s find the answer in three of its key benefits. 

Sea Moss Contains Iodine 

Sea moss contains plenty of iodine, a mineral found in rather minimal amounts in food. This mineral is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones, which govern your metabolism and many other crucial functions such as proper bone and brain development during pregnancy as well as infancy. 

Offering the thyroid hormone precursors crucial for healthy thyroid functioning, sea moss helps optimize your metabolism and can therefore be beneficial for weight loss. 

An important consideration to make, though, is getting the right amount of iodine is key. Before using sea moss for boosting your thyroid or for weight loss, do check with your health care provider as overdoing these hormone precursors is a real possibility. You wouldn’t want to play around with your thyroid function, as moderation is critical for it. Beware, too, that excessive iodine consumption may have a poisonous effect and lead to new thyroid issues. 

Sea Moss Has High Carrageenan Content

Another way that sea moss may assist in weight loss is its carrageenan content, which helps increase the feeling of fullness, reduce body fat, and enhance your overall microbiota. 

According to current research on red seaweed, carrageenan may help prevent weight gain. In animal studies, it indicates an ability to slash body fat through various mechanisms, such as lowering fat absorption, reducing fat cell creation, increasing the breakdown of fat stored in the body, and promoting the “fat-burning” impact of brown fat. 

In a 12-week study that involved 78 obese adults, 1,000 mg of daily supplementation with the seaweed significantly decreased body weight and total body fat mass versus the control group. 

Sea Moss Provides Prebiotic Effects

Prebiotics are known as a group of fibers acting as food for the “good” bacteria in your gut, often called gut microbiota. 

According to recent research, the composition of the gut microbiota may influence your risk of becoming overweight or obese. The mechanism at hand: the particular kinds of bacteria in your gut affecting your weight via regulation of energy expenditure as well as storage. 

The prebiotics in sea moss may therefore help your gut microbiota become healthier. Based on the findings of current animal studies, sea moss may help populate your gut with beneficial bacteria and destroy harmful ones. 

Sea Moss Can Help Build Strong and Lean Muscles

Finally, it might please you further to know this benefit if you’re looking to use sea moss to shed the extra pounds. The seaweed is chock-full of protein, with 6 grams of it found in every 100 g of sea moss. 

The superfood in particular contains taurine, an amino acid that helps the body burn fat and then build muscle. Taurine can help facilitate the body’s fat-burning abilities instead of using carbs during cardio activity.

Now, Where Do You Get Sea Moss?

This is perhaps the next big question for you if you don’t live near the rocky coasts of the Atlantic beaches, where this seaweed grows in abundance. Not all raw sea moss products in the market are all to be trusted, as they may not come from pure and natural sources but instead from farmed ones. 

There isn’t a shortage of sea moss supplements and drinks in the market. The job for you to do now is to choose the best, and due diligence can take you far in this step. 

Many companies will tell you they harvest their own sea moss from the pristine coastlines of Jamaica and similar places, but with research of the manufacturer’s background and practices, as well as the actual amounts of sea moss (and bladderwrack and burdock root extracts in the formula), you can tell fact from fiction and the winners from losers.