Tips to Store Sea Moss Gel Like a Pro

Sea moss might as well be a gift from the heavens. This type of algae isn’t so different from many sea plants in its look, composition, and availability. However, what sets it apart is its outstanding nutrient content that it didn’t take long for health food enthusiasts to take notice and add it in their smoothies, soups and sauces, face and hair mask preparations, and everyday life.

Now, the question is: How do you properly store sea moss gel?

Sea moss gel from raw sea moss is easy to transform into a highly useful and flexible gel form. Once soaked, the sea moss is processed at home through blending until it assumes a gel form that’s kept in a mason jar and will thicken into a gel in around two hours once put in the refrigerator.

Here are tips and reminders to store sea moss gel properly:

  1. Place the sea moss gel inside an airtight container like a mason jar. Store it in the fridge, where it’s likely to last for a month. In the freezer, it can keep for four to six months. Seal the container tightly and leave some room for expansion if you’re opting for the freezer.
  2. One option is to pour the gel into an ice cube tray. Freeze it and you’ll get ice cubes for later use. What’s wonderful about this is when you’re ready to make a smoothie in the morning, you can just pop a few cubes into your blender and you’re all set.
  3. Sea moss gel is free of taste but may come with a distinct smell. The daily recommended intake is one to two tablespoons added in your smoothie, or up to one-fourth cup every day. You can have too much sea moss because of the iodine content, so be mindful as well.
  4. Got raw and unsoaked sea moss? You may still store it long term despite it being a natural product. You may store raw and unsoaked sea moss for at least one year, specifically if you store it in a cool and dark place inside an airtight container. Your cupboard works fine for this purpose.
  5. Wondering how else to use sea moss? Use it as a thickener when you’re cooking, or as a dip for fruits. Throw it into your favorite smoothies and juices. Finally, it can be an effective, affordable beautifier, serving as an everyday face and hair mask or skin lotion.

Realistically, not everyone has easy access to raw, high-quality sea moss. If you live far from places like Ireland or Jamaica where the rocky coasts have an abundance of sea moss, then you don’t have to worry. You may go for organic sea moss capsules to have your fix of this newly emerged superfood.