Golden Globe Winner Taraji.P.Henson Replaces Her Morning Coffee with a Sea Moss Juice in the Pandemic 2021

People of Jamaica and Ireland have used sea moss pills for ages. The gel form of the plant is added to drinks. The weed is infused with ample health-enhancing properties . For example, anti-oxidants are great for the skin and iodine content can promote thyroid function. There are plenty of other benefits like improving gut health, promoting heart health, boost fertility and support immunity. There is a particular way to consume the sea moss to max its potential. It is usually soaked in lime juice and boiled in water before drinking. This is exactly what the Golden Globe Winner Taraji. P. Henson does.
The American actress mixes moss with lime juice and drinks it warm. She has been found to replace her morning coffee since it was ‘problematic’ for her for the longest time. Celebrities like Styles P, Angela Yee and Jadakiss are also in praise of this gift of Mother Nature to mankind. About 4 to 8 grams of sea moss capsules daily is safe and effective.

Taraji. P. Henson and Her New Found Love

In an interview with The Cut , Taraji talked about her daily routine. She mentions, ‘some days I’m in bed by 8, I’m not embarrassed to say that’. But how does a typical pandemic morning look like in the Henson household? Both she and her family are COVID-19 free now. So, the day begins with being grateful and thankful for that. The actress then says that sea moss was a part of her day even before the pandemic hit. That was when the sea moss craze had just begun. Chakabars from Fruits N’ Rootz sent her packages. Since then, she has been consuming the superfood regularly and is an active member of the healthy eating community.

Why Switch to Sea Moss?

Organic sea moss comes with a handful of medical benefits. It can stop the growth of S. Enteritidis , the bacteria that causes salmonella in humans. It might also protect you against Parkinson’s Disease that leads to stiffness and tremors. No wonder Irish Sea Moss with Bladderwrack is becoming a popular ingredient to add in juices and smoothies. It is extensively used by those who wish to ingest the product to add an inner glow. Know that the nutrient levels can vary depending on the harvest location or the type of moss.

Prepare a Healthy Sea Moss Juice

1-2 tablespoons of sea moss per day work wonders. You can consider adding the gel form to water or orange juice. Now blend well till you reach a thick consistency. Either try to drink immediately to store in the fridge. Both warm and cold variants are equally helpful. Try to finish the drink during the daytime. This is because it is packed with iron which boosts your energy levels. Consuming at night might interfere with your sleep cycle.
Taraji. P. Henson vouches for sea moss. So why not give it a try? Check which sea moss supplements are the best in 2021 and get the same from a trusted store.