WWP Beauty Launches a New Cosmetic Line Enriched with Sea Moss in 2021

Kim Kardashian is adding sea moss in her smoothies. Celebrities like Ashley Blaine Featherson and numerous nutritionists have sung praises of the Superfood. This weed was initially discovered by Daniel Ward in 1847. Today it is widely used to make consumer health supplements. Sea moss capsules have high micronutrient content. It is derived from red alga which comes with a host of advantages.
It is non-comedogenic and quite hydrating. Patchy, dry and irritated skin benefits the most. The ingredient keeps your face supple and radiant. The seaweed is a good source of live bacteria and fiber that supports a healthy gut microbiome.
This can prevent or treat inflammatory skin disorders like rosacea and acne due to their antibacterial properties. Rich in vitamins and minerals, sea moss is a skincare powerhouse. WWP Beauty, a world-class solution for the beauty and wellness industry, has launched a sea-moss based cosmetic line. The new venture is called Zero+ Collection. You can find the details on their Instagram page .

WWP and Sea Moss: Why the Collab?

The brand is committed to creating a sustainable impact on the world. It strives to be socially responsible, cruelty-free and compliant. Further, WWP Beauty wishes to offer beauty products that are inclusive to everyone. The new Zero+ Collection features materials that are safe, clean and natural. A few of the products that are packed with organic sea moss are Skin Prep + Perfector and Face+ Eyes+ Lips Enhancer.
The seaweed helps prepare your face before makeup application. It will basically even out wrinkles, fine lines and skin flaws. You are likely to feel buttery soft and ‘hyper natural’ even after layers of makeup on the face. The enhancer locks in moisture content along with a ‘dewy’ glow. This is possible with the presence of sea moss with squalene and elderberry extract. A blend of the ingredients can protect your skin too.
Consumers today are increasingly inclined towards multi-functional formulations. They are likely to pick the one that has more than one benefit. It helps them save time instead of investing in an elaborate multi-step skincare routine.

Benefits of Sea Moss for the Face

Sea moss protects the skin from free radicals. It also acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-swelling agent. Conditions like psoriasis can be prevented with sea moss infused products. It is rich in Sulphur which lowers the sebum content in the skin and lowers the severity of acne and pimples. No wonder a Stackline Report found that there were 17.4 million searches in the Sea Moss Supplement topic in 2021 which is up from 13 million in 2020.
Sea moss pills are high in magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, potassium and calcium. These can further guard your skin against environmental elements. They help you reap the benefits of the healing power of the ocean. For example, the bio flora of the skin is balanced and keep your overall skin health in good shape. Irish Sea Moss with Bladderwrack further helps the body produce ‘vegan collagen’ which helps achieve a subtle radiance.
Along with figuring out the best sea moss supplements of 2021, consider adding the weed to your beauty regimen. Pick from trusted brands like WWP Beauty which is future-focused and offers a great bang for the buck!